ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant

A rapid setting, solvent-free, self-smoothing epoxy resin with outstanding chemical resistance.

Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant


20kg – £108.00

ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant is a rapid setting, solvent-free, self-smoothing, epoxy resin seamless floor, combining outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance and pleasing decorative properties.

ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant has good resistance to spillage and splash contact to a wide range of liquids at ambient temperatures for up to 24 hours.

ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant is designed for use in environments where jointed finishes (tile, sheet etc) are not acceptable and short programme times are required. Additional decorative effects can be produced by the introduction of coloured plastic flakes, lightly scattered on the surface and subsequently sealed.

ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant is available in a range of colours.


  • Rapid cure times giving an early return to service 
  • Easily cleaned 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Seamless and hard wearing
  • Decorative
  • Hygienic – does not support fungus or bacterial growth 
  • Solvent – free
  • Available in a range of attractive colours

Typical Uses

ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant offers significant advantages over conventional epoxy systems, due to its easy application and rapid return to service. It provides a surface that is both durable and easy to maintain with conventional cleaning materials and methods. It is ideal for use in food processing, laboratories, clean rooms, operating theatres and industrial environments. (Note: Do not steam clean or use hot water above 60 ºC).

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Surface preparation

All surfaces should be dry, free from oil, grease dust and chemicals etc. and free of laitance. The surface should be first diamond ground, scarified, scabbled or shot blasted.

N.B. All surfaces must be sound and provide a good mechanical key.

All areas to be treated with ALLCOAT Self Smoothing Epoxy Chemical Resistant should first be primed with ALLCOAT Epoxy Damp Proofer, where no DPM is present, at a coverage rate of 3-4 sq.m. per kg. and allowed to dry. Two coats of primer may be necessary on very worn, pitted or porous surfaces.

Mixing and application

Priming should be undertaken in accordance with the relevant product data sheets and materials laid off to ensure a uniform sealed surface. On to the Primed surface fix stop ends or tapes to define the areas to be coated. Mark any movement joints etc. that are required to be cut after the floor is cured.

Premix the resin and hardener and then add the aggregate to the mix smoothly. Do not mix more material than can be efficiently used. When thoroughly mixed together, pour the mix evenly over the appropriate area to be covered. Spread the mix evenly over the area with a trowel to the appropriate thickness, and after 5-10 minutes roll with a spiked roller to achieve an even smooth surface and remove entrapped air etc.

N.B. Spiked rolling must be undertaken 5-10 minutes after trowelling. Do not re-roll later.




Cream, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Tile Red

Nominal thickness


Coverage rate

7.3 m² for 28 kg unit

Pot life

15 mins @ 20ºC

Curing time (touch dry)

3-4 hours

Curing time (foot traffic)

6-8 hours

Curing time (full traffic)

10-12 hrs

Curing time (full chemical)

3 days

Shelf life

1 year in unopened containers

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