A specialised, high adhesion primer system

PU Primer

PU Primer

2.5litres – £30.54

ALLCOAT PU Primer is a specialised, high adhesion primer system designed to improve adhesion between a large variety of coatings and substrates. ALLCOAT PU Primer is particularly suitable when used in conjunction with ALLCOAT roof coatings or foams. It is a special blend of moisture curing urethane prepolymers in solvent and its chemical similarity to Allcoat’s roof coatings ensures good adhesion between the two within the specified overcoat times. It acts as a sealer on porous substrates such as concrete and will consolidate a friable substrate such as that of asbestos cement. It improves adhesion to difficult substrates such as non-ferrous metals.


  • All surfaces should be sound, clean, dry and free from oil or grease. 
  • Remove loose material and flaking paint.
  • Brush and wash off soft or powdery surfaces.
  • Remove rust and corrosion from metals.
  • Abrade smooth metal, plastics and fibreglass surfaces. 
  • Allow 28 days for new concrete to cure and before removing laitance and applying primer.
  • Remove dust, dirt and loose chippings.
  • Kill fungal growth with Allcoat fungicide and wash off thoroughly. 
  • Fill cracks and voids with Allcoat PU Mastic. 
  • Cut open felt blisters, apply Allcoat PU Mastic underneath and tack down. Allow for evaporation of moisture.


Apply ALLCOAT PU Primer straight from the can by brush or spray. One application will normally suffice but some highly porous substrates may require two.


10 litres, 2.5 litres, 25 litres, 5 litres


Slightly hazy, pale straw liquid



Flash point


Application rate

Between 6 – 10m² / lt dependent on substrate texture and porosity

Cure/drying time

Slightly tacky film in 2 – 4 hours

Overcoat time

Min 2 hours, maximum 48 hours


0 – 70°C

Shelf life

6 months

Tensile strength

15.0 MPa

Compressive strength

46.0 MPa

Elongation at Break (%)


E Modulus

2,550 MPa

Adhesion test

> 3.9 MPa

Impact strength

4 MPa

Temperature resistance


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