ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant

A two component, fast cure, pouring grade joint sealant for load bearing, saw cut or preformed control joints.

Floor Joint Sealant


5kg – £119.60

ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant is a two component, fast cure, pouring grade joint sealant for load bearing, saw cut or preformed control joints. ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant is a tough, hard material with a degree of flexibility allowing up to 10% movement.

Typical Uses

  • Sealant for internal, horizontal applications
  • Saw cuts or preformed control joints
  • Food processing
  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Repair of random shrinkage cracking in concrete slabs
  • Where a harder more impact resistant joint sealant is required to protect joint arrises

Features & Benefits

  • Mercury and solvent free
  • Low viscosity
  • Penetrates joints as narrow as 3mm
  • Easy to mix
  • Rapid cure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance


The width:depth ratio of the joint should be 2:1 subject to a minimum depth of 10mm. Below 10mm depth, a ratio of 1:1 may be used.

To determine the amount of sealant required (in ml) multiply length (mm) x depth (mm) x width (mm) i.e. 1 metre length x 20mm depth x 10mm width will require 200ml of product.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be structurally sound with a clean, dry surface (less than 75% RH) and free from dust, laitance, oil, paint or other forms of contamination.  New concrete should be fully cured.  Do not use in damp or wet joints as moisture will affect the final appearance and physical properties of the sealant.  Joints should be prepared by routing and mechanical brushing, scraping or shot blasting to remove all loose materials.

Damaged joints should be repaired using ALLCOAT Mortar Mix, a polyurethane joint backing rod should be used in joints over 12mm wide and tightly packed.  Bond breaker tape should be used where a polyurethane backing rod is not employed at the base of the joint to prevent sealant adhesion.


Extremely porous or friable surfaces should be primed with ALLCOAT PU Primer prior to filling using a stiff brush. ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant should be applied after the primer has reached a highly tacky state (approx. 1 to 3 hours) or within 24 hours.  If 24 hours is exceeded, the joints should be re-primed. Take care not to flood the joint with primer.


Transfer the entire contents of the hardener part B component into the part A component and mix for a minimum of 1 minute using a slow speed drill and paddle mixer to avoid air entrainment.

Periodically scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing vessel to ensure complete mixing.  Never mix by hand.


Immediately after mixing, pour directly into the joint until slightly proud of the floor surfaces.  Allow to settle and tool level with floor surface using a plastic tool or gloved finger.  Additional applications may be necessary as material settles into joint, especially above 20mm.  Joint edges may be masked with tape which should be removed after material has become tacky.


For horizontal use only up to a maximum movement of 10%.

ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant is designed as a harder material for a high degree of arris protection.  Excessive shrinkage of concrete may overcome the capability of the sealant resulting in splitting of the sealant or de-bonding of one edge.  Therefore, joints should be inspected regularly so that any gaps may be refilled with ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant.  A softer material will offer much less arris protection leading to costly joint repairs in the future.


5 kg


None, 2.5l



Maximum recommended movement


Shore D Hardness


Shore A Hardness


Initial cure to traffic @ 20°C

8 hours

Back Up Rod

None, 10m x 15mm, 10m x 20mm, 10m x 25mm

ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant TDS   ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant TDS

ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant Part B COSHH   ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant Part B COSHH

ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant Part A COSHH   ALLCOAT Floor Joint Sealant Part A COSHH

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