ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid

Provides attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes to concrete and other surfaces

Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid

Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid

25.6kg – £180.00

ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid is a high grade, 2 pack, hard wearing gloss epoxy floor coating. It is light, fast and flexible and ideal where a seamless finish is required. ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid has good resistance to impact abrasion and trafficking. The system is resistant to high temperatures up to 150°C. Slight discolouration may occur at extreme temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Rapid set properties – touch dry in just 2 hours, fully cured in 16 hours
  • Good abrasion and impact resistance
  • Easy cleaning, including removal of graffiti
  • Light and fast installation – usually just one coat required
  • Resistant to thermal shock & hot water
  • Hygienic – does not support fungus or bacterial growth
  • Attractive range of colours available

Typical Uses

  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Industrial units
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive workshops
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All surfaces to be coated with ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid should be dry, clean and free from laitance, oil, grease or other contaminants. Ideally concrete surfaces should be vacuum shotblasted or mechanically abraded to both clean and open the surface to provide a good mechanical key. The separate base and hardener components must be thoroughly mixed together before application.


Prime the prepared surfaces using Allcoat Epoxy Prime applying the material at a nominal rate of 5 m2 per Kg. Allow the primer to cure for a minimum of twelve hours @ 20°C . NOTE: If the surface is porous it may be necessary to apply subsequent coats of the priming material until the substrate is fully sealed


Allcoat Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid is supplied as a three component product, each component being pre-weighed ready for use.

Pre-mix the coloured base component, then the contents of the curing agent container should be drained into the base component and the two materials thoroughly mixed. The mixed liquid should then be poured into a clean suitably sized seperate mixing container and the aggregate component slowly added under constant mixing until a uniform consistency has been achieved.
Do Not Mix By Hand.


Apply the mixed Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid by serrated trowel or pin rake to the required thickness. Within approximately 15 minutes roll the Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid with a spike roller in order to de-aerate the material. When the material is sufficiently cured existing joints in the subfloor must be carried through into the Eopxy Coat Gloss Rapid screed.

The ambient temperature of the works area should be a minimum of 15°C during the application and curing period, if not adhered to this can affect the colour and appearance of the system.

Materials and substrate temperature must be above 10°C.


Allcoat Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid is supplied in a 25.5kg unit.


Approximately 6.5 m2 per unit at a thickness of 2mm. Coverage is dependant on surface profile, texture, porosity and substrate temperature.


Store in dry conditions at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C. Do not expose to freezing conditions. Allcoat Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid has a maximum of twelve months shelf life when stored in the original, unopened containers.


ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid coatings can be cleaned with water, or with ALLCOAT Industrial Floor Cleaner or other good quality detergent or just brushed out. ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss Rapid coated floors should not be subject to hot water above 60ºC or steam cleaning.




Black, Buff, Cream, Deep Red, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Mid Green, Mid Grey, Royal Blue, Safety Yellow, Signal Red, Terracotta, Tile Red, White

Coverage rate

7m square metres @ 2mm thickness 5.6 square meters @ 2.5mm thickness 4.7 square meters @ 3mm thickness

Pot life

10 mins

Pedestrian Traffic

12 hours

Full chemical cure

7 days

Shelf life

12 months

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