ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss

Provides attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes to concrete, wood and other surfaces

Epoxy Coat Gloss

Epoxy Coat Gloss

5litres – £101.12

ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss is a coloured, two-pack, easy to apply resin system with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces providing attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes. Floors become easier to clean with an impervious finish and are substantially more resistant to damage by fork-lift trucks, chemicals, fuels and lubricants etc. ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss dries to a uniform gloss finish.

ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss can act as a curing membrane to increase hardness of concrete by allowing full hydration of cement. ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss can be applied to new (green) concrete, 7 days after being poured.

Features & Benefits

  • Solvent free & Low odour
  • Overnight cure
  • Can be applied onto green concrete
  • Bacteria – free finish
  • Metal surfaces can be treated in conjunction with metal primer
  • Anti-slip finishes can be created with aggregate added
  • Resistance to fuels and lubricants
  • Available in a range of colours

Typical Uses

  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Industrial units
  • Warehouses
  • Automotive workshops
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All surfaces to be coated with ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss should be dry, clean and free from laitance, oil, grease or other contaminants. Ideally concrete surfaces should be vacuum shotblasted or mechanically abraded to both clean and open the surface to provide a good mechanical key. The separate base and hardener components must be thoroughly mixed together before application.


One or two coats of ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss can be applied with a roller or brush. Slip resistance can be achieved by specifying a three coat system. The first coat of ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss being followed by one coat of ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss,
lightly scattered with anti-slip aggregates whilst still wet, at a rate of 50/100 gms per sq.m. When dry, a second ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss coat can be applied.


ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss coatings can be cleaned with water, or with ALLCOAT Industrial Floor Cleaner or other good quality detergent or just brushed out. ALLCOAT Epoxy Coat Gloss coated floors should not be subject to hot water above 60ºC or steam cleaning.


20 litres, 5 litres


Black, Buff, Cream, Deep Red, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Mid Green, Mid Grey, Royal Blue, Safety Yellow, Signal Red, Terracotta, Tile Red, White

Coverage rate

6-8 square metres per kg

Pot life

1 – 1.5 hrs

Recoat time

12 – 18 hours @20°C

Full chemical cure

7 days

Shelf life

12 months


Accepts light traffic in 12-24 hours @20°C, heavy traffic in 48 hours

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