ALLCOAT Concrete Repair MMA Cold Set

Offers outstanding durability, excellent skid resistance and the flexibility required to handle thermal cycling.

Concrete Repair MMA Cold Set


11kg – £86.08

Designed to create permanent pothole repairs. ALLCOAT Concrete Repair MMA Cold Set offers outstanding durability, excellent skid resistance and the flexibility required to handle thermal cycling. Manufactured from technically advanced methyl methacrylate resin, this cold applied system is suitable for direct application to potholes within asphalt substrates without the need to prime.

Also suitable for portholes in concrete substrates.

Typical Uses

  • Highway pothole repair
  • Car park pothole repair
  • Footpath repair
  • Ironwork re-instatement
  • Minor carriageway repairs

Features & Benefits

  • Fast curing permanent solution – fully cured ready for traffic within 20 minutes, no need to repair again year after year.
  • Incredibly strong to bond to asphalt – no need to prime, minimal preparation required.
  • Totally impervious – will not suffer freeze / thaw damage and failure.
  • Easy to install – no need to cut back, minimum tools required, no need to compact.
  • Cold applied – none of the health and safety issues associated with hot trades, no big vehicles, minimised environmental impact.
  • Excellent UV resistance – Provides crack free performance and colour stability.
  • Superb thermal stability – no softening / degradation during summer months, flexible in winter months.

Substrate Preparation

Remove all loose material by brush or compressed air. Ideally the substrate should be dry, although a small amount of residual moisture in the base of the pothole is acceptable.

No further preparation or priming is required for asphalt substrates.

Concrete substrates should be mechanically prepared.

Cure Times

ALLCOAT Concrete Repair MMA Cold Set cures fully within just 20 minutes of installation. It does not need to be compacted and will not shrink or compact further when cured. The cure time remains unaffected by temperatures down to -10ºC.


11 kg, 25kg

Application - Curing Time

Cures in just 20 minutes. Curing time remains unaffected at temperatures down to -10°C


Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Red

ALLCOAT Concrete Repair – Cold Set TDS   ALLCOAT Concrete Repair – Cold Set TDS

ALLCOAT Concete Repair – Cold Set COSHH   ALLCOAT Concete Repair – Cold Set COSHH

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