ALLCOAT Anti Slip Car Park Paint Rapid Set

Anti Slip Car Park Paint Rapid Set

Asphalt Paint

5litres – £91.12

ALLCOAT Anti Slip Car Park Paint – Rapid Set is a modified acrylic
elastomer that can be brush, spray, roller or squeegee applied.
ALLCOAT Anti Slip Car Park Paint – Rapid Set is a two component
modified acrylic elastomer. It is designed to provide a tough,
durable finish with the benefit of rapid curing times. A range of
aggregates, polyethylene chippings and glass beads can be
incorporated into the coating to provide a slip resistant finish.
• Seamless finish
• Fast curing even at low temperatures (-10°C – + 30°C)
• Available pigmented or clear
• Excellent abrasion & wear resistance
• Can be applied to a wide range of surfaces

Typical Uses

  • Concrete, asphalt and steel decks
  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Terracing

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid application and curing – fully cured within one hour
  • 100% reactive without solvents
  • Excellent intercoat adhesion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Application at freezing temperatures (providing the surface is frost free)
  • Overcoating time not critical
  • Excellent bond to substrate
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Surface Preparation
Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating system. The most expensive and technologically advanced system will fail if the surface pre-treatment is incorrect or incomplete.
New Concrete
All surfaces must be clean, sound and well cured. Newly poured concrete must be at least 28 days old and have a moisture content of 5% of less when tested with a moisture meter. Form releasing agents, laitence, curing compounds etc. must be removed by water blasting, grit blasting or mechanical scarifying otherwise adhesion will be impaired. Power floated, shiny concrete floors should be blast cleaned to a surface profile of 30-50 microns. Due to environmental implications, the use of acid-etching is not recommended.
Old Concrete
1. Unpainted floors must be made clean and free from contamination of oil, grease, etc.
2. Previously painted floors must be clean and dry and all loose,flaking paint be removed by vacuum blast tracking.
3. Heavy contamination in the form of fats, oils, grease etc. should be removed by using hot compressed air burning,
followed by blast tracking.
Timber surfaces should ideally be sanded down to clean base, free from grease, oil or dust.
Remove any flaking rust and other lose materials by mechanical means, such as wire brushing or disc grinding. Alternatively, if large areas are to be trated, abrasive pressure or vacuum blast tracking is recommended, ideally, SA 2.5/SIS 55900/British Standard 4232 – Second Quality Standard is the optimum. Oil and grease deposits should be removed with ALLCOAT Biodegradable Degreaser. The steel should be primed with ALLCOAT QD Primer prior to overcoating.
All rubber and oil deposits are to be removed preferably by high pressure water blasting or blast tracking.

ALLCOAT Anti Slip Car PArk Paint – Rapid Set is pre-weighed ready for site use. Add the entire contents of the Part B into the Part A and mix thoroughly ensuring that a complete homogeneous, streak free mix is obtained – The use of a heavy duty, slow speed drill attachment is recommended.

Priming Coat
Immediately after mixing, pour onto the surface to be treated. Screed with a squeegee and either roller or brush the material well into the substrate. Leave to cure, normally 30 minutes.
Theoretical coverage – 1Kg gives 8-10m2.
Intermediate Coat
Mix Part A and Part B as for priming coat. Pour onto the surface to be ttreated and spread with a squeegee and roll out material to an even thickness. Brodcast slip resistant aggregate whilst material is still tacky and allow to cure, normally 30 minutes. When cured sweep surface to remove surplus aggregate.
Theoretical coverage – 1Kg gives 8-10m2.
Top Coat
Mix Part A and Part B as for priming and intermediate coats. Leave clear or add pigment as required and roll onto the surface to seal in the aggregate ensuring no unsealed areas. Leave for at least 45 minutes and re-open to traffic.
Theoretical coverage – 1Kg gives 3-5m2


12.5 litres, 25 litres, 5 litres


Black, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Mid Green, Mid Grey, Tile Red, White, Yellow


White, liquid resin


Characteristic Methylmethacrylate




650 cps @ 20 ºC



Pot life

15 – 20 minutes @ 20 ºC with 1.5% ALLCOAT Hardener

Shelf life

Unopened units 1 year +

Application - Curing Time

Fully cured within 1 hour

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