ALLCOAT Acid Etch for Concrete

Excels at removing general dirt from bare concrete

Acid Etch for Concrete

Acid Etch

5 litres – £21.00

ALLCOAT Acid Etch for Concrete excels at removing general dirt from bare concrete. Removes laitance on new concrete and provides a useful key for smooth concrete surfaces.

It reduces the alkaline nature of new concrete which helps with subsequent coatings.

Coating Type: Dilute solution of mineral acid.

Typical Uses: To ‘etch’ new concrete floor surfaces prior to application of floor paints.

Surface Preparation: Ensure floor is free from oil, grease, etc.

Application: Apply Acid Etch and spread evenly over surface. After acid reaction has ceased, thoroughly wash floor with clean water to remove any excess acid. Allow floor to dry completely before painting.

To ensure all excess acid has been removed, the concrete should be tested with pH paper and should have a reading of pH7 or above.

Special Note: This product contains acid. Use rubber gloves, eye protection etc., to protect skin and eyes.

Storage: Under cover within temperature range of 5°C to 32°C.

Clean-Up: Water.


5 Litres

ALLCOAT Acid Etch For Concrete TDS   ALLCOAT Acid Etch For Concrete TDS

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