ALLCOAT Polyflex Ultra UV

Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV


6kg – £98.00

 Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV is a single-component, cold applied, liquid waterproofing membrane based on aliphatic polyurethane resin. When cured, a cololur stable (non yellowing), high performance, seamless, solid elastomeric membrane is produced. Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV has been designed with new chemical technology that consists of an indirect curing, induced by moisture in the air. This permits a very short curing time, quick rain-proof behaviour and an optimal surface appearance, because CO2 is not produced in the curing process.


  • Seamless
  • Elastic
  • Weather resistant membrane
  • Good adhesion
  • Does not yellow on exposure to sunlight



Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV can be applied over many different surfaces, concrete, brick, fibre cement, bituminous membranes, PVC, EPDM, wood, steel, mortar, tiles, zinc, aluminium etc, always using a suitable primer.

Typical uses

  • Balconies and terraces
  • Roofs
  • Wet rooms (baths, showers, kitchens)
  • Walkways with pedestrian traffic
  • Stands, grandstands, stairs etc.

Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV is normally applied as a second/topcoat

to PU membranes. Using this system saves applying a coat of aliphatic protective topcoat over the second coat of the PU membrane.

Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV can also be used as a protective topcoat for all types of hot sprayed polyurea, expanded polyurea, polyurethane, or cold applied polyurethane membranes. When the applied coating is white, it has a high reflective capacity.

Stock Colours available

Dark Grey, Mid Grey, White.

Red Special order.


Treatment at critical points is necessary.

Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV can be applied by roller, brush or trowel. The system comprises a coat of Allcoat Polyflex at 1.5kg/m² followed by a coat of Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV at 0.7kg/m². If a cool roof is required, Allcoat Polyflex Ultra UV should be aplied in white. We recommend the 2 different products are different

colours for easily idendtifiable coating. Although not strictly necessary, it is strongly recommended to use all the product within the conatiner. If there is product left, ensure it is completely sealed after use. Use a spiked roller immediately after application to pop any bubbles and to help distribute the resin over the surface.

Only use disposable application tools


25kg, 6kg


Dark Grey, Mid Grey, White

ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating TDS   ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating TDS

ALLCOAT All Weather Roof Coating COSHH   ALLCOAT All Weather Roof Coating COSHH

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