ALLCOAT All Weather Roof Coating

All Weather Roof Coating


5kg – £58.00

ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating is a high performance all weather coating designed for use when emergency waterproofing of roof areas is required. It has outstanding waterproofing and waterproofing properties for any roof or gutter surface including asphalt, bitumen, mineral felt, asbestos cement, concrete and metal surfaces all in a single application.

Formulation comprises polyacrylic and polyacrylate resins combination with dewatering polymers and surface wetting agents. By combining the very latest acrylic polymer technology ALLCOAT has produced a material that provides excellent waterproofing to any roof or gutter regardless of weather conditions.

Simple application is by brush or squeegee with no priming required. This material can be applied in all weather conditions including falling rain and in temperatures down to 0*C (32*F). Its fibre reinforced structure gives it great crack bridging capabilities.

Product Features 

Suitable for all substrate types

  • All weather application
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Flexible
  • Crack bridging capabilities
  • Will seal through ponding water
  • Low temperature application
  • Instant waterproofing

Areas of Use 

  • Flat Aspahlt Roofs – Will reduce weight loading and provide long term waterproofing
  • Gutters – Cost effective instant waterproofing of all types of gutters
  • Flat Roofs – Provides waterproofing on small flat roof areas in any weather
  • Down pipes and Hoppers – Stops leaks on joints immediately
  • Emergency Patch Repair – Seals leaks instantlty
  • Emergency Patch Repairs – Seals leaks instantly to weatherproof affected areas
  • Around Roof Furniture – Will seal around roof plant fitted retrospectively to existing substrate
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Surface Preparation 

Dirt build up, moss and loose material should be removed by scraping or brushing with a stiff bristled brush. Any cracks and gaps should be raked out to remove dirt build up. Large expanses of standing water should be removed by sweeping, small quantities of water may be allowed to remain without affecting the performance of the ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating. In cold conditions any ice present on the surface must be removed. Any oil or grease contamination should be removed by wiping with ALLCOAT Degreaser Solution.


ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating should be applied directly to the substrate, no priming is normally required.

Application can be carried out by brush or squeegee; best results are achieved when product is “stippled” into cracks and rough surfaces.

ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating can be applied in all weather conditions including falling rain and temperatures down to 0*C

ALLCOAT Allweather Roof Coating must NOT be applied over ice.

Only use disposable application tools


20 litres, 5l



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