Allcoat Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set is a specially designed high quality resin mortar system suitable for filling holes and levelling concrete surfaces in heavy loaded concrete areas. Stronger than concrete, ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Rapid Set is a highly durable product which can be applied in a single layer at a depth of 6mm – 120mm and cures to concrete in around 30 mins.

Installation for ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Rapid Set is easy, simply use a trowel.

Typical Applications are repairing & levelling floors in cold stores, levelling steps, stairways & uneven surfaces, filling holes & embedding posts, repairing edges, surrounding drains and man hole covers.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid installation, minimal disruption Extremely fast cure time of 20 – 40 minutes.
  • Exceptional bond to most substrates and surfaces Provides crack free performance.
  • Incredible wear resistance
  • Up to 3 x the life expectancy of cementitious products.
  • UV stable
  • Full colour stability.
  • Creates a watertight seal
  • Crack free and impervious to liquids. Resistant to acids and caustic sodas.
  • An incredibly mouldable consistency allows you to position the mortar without the need for shuttering or temporary supports. Easy to apply.

  • ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Rapid Set cures fully within just 40 minutes of installation (both chemically and physically). The cure time remains unaffected at temperatures down to -10ºC

    ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Rapid Set has excellent resistance to diesel, engine oils and road salts and also has limited resistance to unleaded and super unleaded petrol.