ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set

Pre-mixed magnesium phosphate cement blended with specially selected aggregates to guarantee best results in low temperature conditions.

Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set

Repair Mortar Cold Set

12.5kg – £57.00

A specially designed high quality magnesium phosphate cement system suitable for filling holes and levelling concrete surfaces in heavy loaded concrete areas. Stronger than concrete, ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set is a highly durable product which can be applied in a single layer at a depth of 10mm – 120mm.

ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set allows for an ultra fast repair in cold temperatures without the need to shut down.

Please Note: ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set should only be applied at temperatures from -10 ºC to -25 ºC.

Typical Uses Within Cold Stores

  • Repairing/levelling floors
  • Levelling steps/stairways/uneven surfaces
  • Filling holes
  • Embedding posts
  • Repairing edges surrounding drains and man hole covers

Features & Benefits

  • Cold curing – cures down to 20 ºC
  • Extremely fast cure time of 20 – 40 minutes
  • Exceptional bond to most substrates and surfaces, provides crack free performance – providing they are frost free
  • Incredible wear resistance - up to 3 x the life expectancy of cementitious products
  • Creates a watertight seal, crack free and impervious to liquids
  • Resistant to acids and caustic sodas
  • An incredibly mouldable consistency allows you to position the mortar without the need for shuttering or temporary supports
  • Easy to apply


Substrate Preparation

All substrates must be clean, dry and free from contamination including frost and ice.

Cure Times

ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar Cold Set cures fully within just 40 minutes of installation (both chemically and physically). The cure time remains unaffected at temperatures down to -20°C


12.5kg, 25kg

Compressive Strength (20°C) - Mortar, water content: 1.5 litres per 25kg

3/4 Hour: 14N/mm²,   2 Hours: 26N/mm²,   7 Days: 52N/mm²,   28 Days: 57N/mm²

Compressive Strength (20°C) - Concrete, water content 2.0 litres per 25kg

3/4Hour: 13N/mm²,   2 Hours: 23N/mm²,   7 Days: 45N/mm²,   28 Days: 49N/mm²




Volume stable

Bond Strength – Slant Shear



Dark Grey

Application - Curing Time

Fully cured in just 40 minutes – cure time remains unaffected at temperatures down to -25ºC

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