ALLCOAT Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Lining Paint

A heavy duty chlorinated rubber paint for lining swimming pools.

Chlorinated Rubber Pool and Enclosure Paint

Chlorinated Pool Paint

5litres – £62.70

A heavy duty chlorinated rubber paint for lining pools and enclosures.

Typical Uses

  • Swimming Pools
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Surface Preparation:

Ensure that surface to be coated is dry and free from oil, dust, salts and other contaminants before application is commenced.

Do not apply at temperatures below 1°C or where condensing conditions are expected.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by airless or conventional spray. Do not thin the coating as definition and film build might be affected. If thinning is essential, a maximum 10% addition of R30 Thinner may be added. Small area’s can be applied by brush, use a well loaded brush but do not attempt to brush out the coating.


Should a second coat be required, this should be applied after a
minimum drying time of 1 hour has elapsed.


Allcoat Thinner R30.


5 litres

Appearance of Dried Film



Light Blue

Dry Film Thickness

150 microns

Drying Time at 20°c

Touch Dry 10 minutes. Will Vary With Temperature. Firm Dry: 15 minutes.

Coating Type

Chlorinated Rubber/Alkyd


1 hour minimum

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