ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane

Hard-wearing, UV-resistant, resin-based roof sealant

Anti Slip Roof Membrane


5litres – £82.64

ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane is a resin system based on the combination of Urethane – Acrylate chemistry. As such ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane bridges the performance / application gap between two component urethanes and the classical acrylic resins. In contrast to two component urethanes, ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane shows the following advantages:- The isocyanate part is fully reacted in the urethane backbone and presents no health hazard. Curing proceeds by the fast free radical polymerisation reaction with peroxide catalysts. Unlike two component urethanes, ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane is far more tolerant with regard to mixing ratio and moisture sensitivity. In contrast to acrylic resins ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane shows the following advantages:- ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane has built in mechanical properties that greatly exceed the properties of the traditional acrylic / methacrylic resins system such as elongation and tensile strength. Of particular importance is the fact that these properties are well maintained at sub-zero temperatures!

Typical Uses

  • Concrete, asphalt and steel decks
  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Terracing

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid application and curing
  • 100% reactive without solvents
  • Unaffected by application of Asphalt surfacing up to temperature of 250ºC when used as a bridge deck membrane.
  • Excellent intercoat adhesion
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Application down to -25ºC (providing the surface is frost free)
  • Overcoating time not critical
  • Excellent bond to substrate
  • Excellent chemical resistance
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Surface Preparation

New Concrete - All surfaces must be clean and free from laitance, oils, fats and other contaminants. New concrete must be at least 21 days old. Surface should be grit blasted to achieve a minimum surface profile equating to medium / coarse sandpaper.

Steel Surfaces - Remove any flaking rust and other loose materials by mechanical means. If large areas are to be treated then abrasive pressure or vacuum blast tracking is recommended, ideally, SA 2.5 / SIS55900 / British Standard 4232 – second quality standard is optimum. Oil and grease deposits should be removed with a proprietary degreasing agent.

Asphalt Surfaces - High pressure wash and degrease surface, mechanical abrading is not normally required.



Primer - ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane is applied on properly prepared substrates. Adhesion is achieved through the use of ALLCOAT Universal Primer, an acrylic based two part component primer that is also cured with ALLCOAT Peroxide Hardener. The primer is applied at +/- 250 – 300 gms / m², adhesion is further improved by broadcasting clean, dry silica sand 0.2 – 0.4mm into the wet surface. After 30 minutes the primer is cured and ready to receive the membrane system.

Membrane - ALLCOAT Anti Slip Roof Membrane can be roller or brush applied. For a number of applications two layers are recommended, each having a distinct colour, ( but this is not obligatory) as this allows for the control of thickness and correction of surface imperfections. The film thickness of the membrane is normally 1.0 – 1.5mm per layer.

Top Coat - For certain applications a top coat is required, depending on the end use. The top coat is applied to improve the surface aspect or as a tack coat, in this case, the adhesion can further be improved by broadcasting a fine aggregate in the wet tack coat.


12.5 litres, 25 litres, 5 litres


Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Mid Grey, Red, Yellow


Characteristic Methylmethacrylate




650 cps @ 20 ºC



Pot life

15 – 20 minutes @ 20 ºC with 1.5% ALLCOAT Hardener

Shelf life

Unopened units 1 year +

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