ALLCOAT Anti Slip Cold Set Heavy Duty

ALLCOAT Anti Slip Cold Set Heavy Duty is a hard wearing epoxy resin developed to provide protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates

Anti Slip Cold Set Heavy Duty


5 litres – £66.50

ALLCOAT Anti Slip Cold Set Heavy Duty has been developed to provide protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates. The material is supplied as a two pack system, comprising pre-weighed amounts of BASE and CURING AGENT. After mixing together, an easily applied chemical and abrasion resistant finish is produced.

Typical Uses
As a waterproof, tough, chemical resistant floor coating in food preparation areas, breweries, abattoirs, bottling factories, etc. It is particularly suitable for chemical bunds.

• Solvent free, low odour
• Very good chemical resistance
• Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
• High build
• Tough and durable
• Easily applied
• Hygienic and easily cleaned

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Surface Preparation

Concrete shall be a minimum of 21 days old and/or the residual moisture content shall be below 6%. Ensure that the concrete is clean and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compound, existing paint finishes, etc. Blow holes and defective concrete shall be made good using a proprietary repair compound, e.g. ALLCOAT Concrete Repair Mortar.

Blockwork shall be sealed using ALLCOAT Surfacer. Suitable mechanical treatment, such as vacuum grit blasting, is the preferred treatment prior to application, as this ensures a mechanical “key” for the coating.

Steel surfaces shall be shot blasted or grit blasted to a nominal Sa 2.5 Swedish standard. All dust and grease shall be removed prior to coating application. If a delay is likely to occur between blasting and application then it is recommended that a coat of ALLCOAT Steelprime be applied as holding primer to obviate flash rusting.


Pour the contents of the CURING AGENT tin into the BASE container and thoroughly mix, preferably by mechanical means until a uniform colour is achieved.

Apply by brush, short piled roller or airless spray, at a nominal rate of 0.25 – 0.30 kg/m². After a minimum of 14 hours and before a maximum of 48 hours, apply a second coat at the same rate. Should a non-slip finish be required, then broadcast an appropriate Silica Sand immediately after the first coat. Brush off excess sand the following day, prior to applying the second coat.

Curing Time
Allow to cure for a minimum of 5 hours @ 15°C prior to foot traffic access and 12 hours @ 15°C prior to vehicular trafficking. 7 days cure @15°C is recommended prior to exposure to chemicals.

Can be applied at temperatures as low as 3°c


12.5 litres, 25 litres, 5 litres


Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Mid Grey, Safety Yellow, Tile Red

Application - Curing Time

Foot Traffic – 5 hours, Fully Cured – 12 hours @15°c, Can be applied at temperatures as low as 3°c

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