ALLCOAT Anti Shatter

A single component liquid-applied anti shatter coating for use on glass and other clear materials used for roof lights

Anti Shatter


1litre – £25.60

Allcoat Anti Shatter has been specifically developed as a single component liquid applied anti shatter coating for use on glass and other clear materials used for roof lights.

Product Features

  • Combines good application characteristics with fast drying capabilities
  • Suitable for brush or roller application
  • Can be applied at temperatures down to 0°C
  • Class A pass with 200 microns applied to both sides of glass when tested to BS 6206 (Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings – Registered with the Home Office as a Bomb Blast Protection Product).
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Surface Preparation
All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from contamination.

Application Procedures

Single component product supplied ready for use.

Application should not be carried out during rain or snow or when precipitation is likely to occur before the product has reached the touch dry state.

Brush: Good quality stiff bristle brushes should be used with even strokes, ensuring that the Allcoat anti shatter system is not over brushed leading to less then the specified coating thickness.

Roller: Medium to long pile mohair rollers are the preferred equipment for this application method. Allcoat anti shatter system should be spread evenly with regular checks made to ensure the correct uniform wet film thickness is achieved. For optimum performance two coats should be applied to both sides of the glass.

All equipment must be cleaned IMMEDIATELY after use with Allcoat Thinners

Packing and Storage

Supplied in 1 & 5 litre units.

Use within 12 months of data of manufacture. Store in original sealed containers at temperatures between 5 ºC (40ºF) and 30ºC (86ºF)

Application - Curing Time

Touch Dry 2 Hours; Hard Dry 16 Hours, Full Cure 7 Days




4m2 per litre at 150 microns thickness


1 litre, 5 litres

ALLCOAT Anti Shatter TDS   ALLCOAT Anti Shatter TDS


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