ALLCOAT Metal Rust Proofer and Finish in one coat

Metal Rust Proofer and Finish in one coat

Bund Sealer

1l – £19.44

ALLCOAT Metal Rust Proofer and Finish in one coat is a single pack formula which doesn't need a primer and can be directly applied over rust. ALLCOAT Metal Rust Proofer and Finish helps prevent further oxidisation when on metal surfaces.
ALLCOAT Metal Rust Proofer and Finish can be used in both exterior and interior environments.

Coating Type: Modified alkyd/zinc phosphate.

Typical Uses: General purpose, high build, fast drying “one-coat”
primer/finish for structural steel-work, waste skips and similar steel fabrications.

Colours Available: Black, white, red, blue, green and yellow

Appearance Of Dried Film: High Sheen.

Volume Solids: 40% (may vary with colour).

Dry Film Thickness: Typical: 75 microns.

Theoretical Coverage: 5.33m2 per litre at 75 microns.

Drying Time At 20oC: Touch Dry: 20 minutes.
(Will Vary With Temperature, Firm Dry: 1 hour.
Air Movement etc.) Overcoat: See note overleaf.

V.O.C. 550grm/litre (may vary with colour)

Packaging: 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

Shelf Life: 2 years or longer in unopened containers when stored under
cover in good storage conditions.

Storage: Under cover within temperature range of 5oC to 32oC.

Surface Preparation: Preferred method is abrasive blast to ISO 8501-1 SA2.5.

Manual Clean
Chip, scrape and wire brush to remove all loose millscale, rust, etc. Degrease with ALLCOAT Thinner R5.

Application: May be applied by conventional or airless spray. Up to 10%
ALLCOAT Thinner R5 may be added to obtain optimum spray characteristics.
Apply to an approximate wet film thickness of 190 microns to achieve 75 microns dry film thickness.
Small areas and narrow sections can be brush applied. Apply
with a full wet brush, do not attempt to ‘brush out’ or ‘lay off’.

Overcoating: Should a second coat be required, this should be applied
within 8 hours or after 14 days.

Note: The above overcoating times depend on film thickness,
ambient temperature, air-movement etc. If in doubt, apply small trial area.

Clean-Up: ALLCOAT Thinner R5.


1 litre


Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

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